Chargeback and Fraud Warning

posted by HouseOfRave

As any business owner would agree, fraud and falsely claimed chargebacks are extremely frustrating to deal with.  Customers at our business are very well taken care of, Email and phone numbers and prominently displayed on every page of www.HouseOfRave.com and are always answered.  If an issue arises, they can simply call or email to have their issue resolved. 

On occasion, a customer will place an order, we will send it out in a prompt manner, a customer receives it, then continues to file a chargeback. That is considered a falsely claimed chargeback. 

Illegally using someone else’s credit or debit card to make a purchase is outright fraud. 

We here at HouseOfRave want to do our part to help other business owners prevent these from happening.  Below we list some cases of fraud we’ve had so they show up in search engines before another merchant is defrauded. 

Billing and Shipping Info:
 Texta Tex
28 stanley st
collingwood, None 3066
USPS Tracking: EC656366247US
Offense: Fraudulent transaction using stolen credit card

Billing and Shipping Info:
Tyler Simmons
4075 N. highway 38
Brigham City, UT. 84302
United States
UPS: 1Z289YW00370062911
Offense: Customer placed order, received merchandise, then filed chargeback without any call, email or contact to HouseOfRave.

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