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Pretty soon it’s the 4th of July, and we have a whole selection of things which may pique your patriotic interest.

Some of our newest additions to our Patriotic section include:

Checkout the 4th of July product selection and find what you’re looking for this season!


These awesome heart shaped tunnel necklace come with 6 different light modes, so you can blink, flash or swirl the colors:

These are SUPER BRIGHT (just watch the video to see)! Very attention grabbing:

Each comes pre-attached with a necklace lanyard, and you control the on/off by press the top. The inside heart has a “tunnel” effect that looks like it goes back towards infinity.

Check these Tunnel Heart Necklaces out at HouseOfRave!


The Burning Man Festival is coming up soon (Aug. 31st – Sept 7th 2009), and we get lots of questions about this event.  To help answer some questions, we’ve gone ahead and created the Burning Man Lights section on our website:

Burning Man Lights

On the page we have several common product category listings:

  • Burning Man Light-Up Play Things
  • Burning Man Lighting
  • Burning Man Decoration
  • Burning Man Comfort

Hopefully the page will help answer your questions about what to buy for Burning Man.  If not, contact us and let our knowledgable staff help you!


This upcoming April 12th, 2009 is EASTER!  In this new Easter section we’ve included some Easter accessories our customers might like. 

Easter Accessories Section 

Checkout some of the current products:

 Check back from time to time as we’ve got more Easter products on the way!


To all our customers, visitors, friends and family:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The HouseOfRave Team


This Feb. 24th, 2009 is the big purple & gold day, Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Supplies

We’ve got a unique selection of cool things you can use to spruce up your Mardi Gras Day. 

Make sure to checkout our selection at HouseOfRave!


We love celebrating holidays here at HouseOfRave, and one of our favorite and greenest holidays coming up is St. Patrick’s Day!  Celebrate with us by checkout out our St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies section:

St. Patricks Day Party Supplies

We’ve got all sorts of St. Patrick’s day beads, bears, wigs, hats and more. 

Make sure to check it out here!


Mardi gras 2009 is coming up Feb 24th, 2009, and we here at HouseOfRave are prepared to help make your holiday more enjoyable! We have started a new Mardi Gras Party Supplies Section:

Mardi Gras

Most of our customers come to buy something, then add on some more Mardi Gras products for the upcoming holiday.  We’ve got tons of different types of unique Mardi beads and other fun products. Check it out!


In the spirit of love, HouseOfRave has created a new Valentine’s Day Section:

HouseOfRave Valentine's Day

In this section we have all sorts of hard-to-find party supplies and gifts for Valentine’s Day. 

Check it out here:
Valentine’s Day Section


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