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Those cool plasma things you see at museums and science fairs, now in your POCKET for taking anywhere! 

Every time you touch the globe with your hand it will attract plasma beams to your hand, everyone will want to touch it!!

Checkout the Portable Plasma Wand at HouseOfRave!


Cool breeze, or cool breeze AND a cool lightshow?? Your choice! This is actually a very functional fan (you can run it without the lightshow), and also a great decoration piece at the same time!

The large clip can grasp onto just about anything making it extremely convenient to place anywhere:

The bright lightshow can be turned on whenever you want to start the party (…or if you’re just hot)!

Checkout the Light Show Clip Fan at HouseOfRave!


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Quite possibly the best thing to bring to a concert or rave to make cool photos or get attention. Each Light Baton is 16″ long, with a full 12″ of that space going to the light up tube.  Simply press one button to start the lightshow!

SUPER bright through the night!  Makes a great light saber or wand for costumes:

Fantastic for bringing on the dancefloor!

Case colors may vary.  A great and affordable way to light up the night!
Find out more about the LIGHT BATON here!


This is like the Cup & Ball toy of the 21st century! Motorized and DRIVES PETS CRAZY!

Sturdy and has a powerful motor so you can do all sorts of tricks.  Package lists several tricks you can do right out of the box with little practice.

Uses a color chip to control the ball colors.  It looks white when not moving, but spin it around and it streaks through colors of the rainbow!

Great fun for adults, kids, clubbers and especially PETS!  Cats and dogs go crazy trying to catch the light ball.  Check out the Moto Spin Wand at HouseOfRave!


Flick a switch and the meZmeriZe Wand springs to life. It gives off a cool breeze and a wicked lightshow!

Uses 2 “AA” batteries (not included) and is run by simply flicking the on/off switch. Looks cool when off:

….and even cooler when on! (Get the pun)??

Find out more and purchase the meZemeriZe Wand at House of Rave.


The Amazing String Thing with Built-In Blacklight is the string with zing! This colorful string looks like it floats in mid-air, and makes waves, shapes, walks on floors, climbs onto your hand, and so much more!

The hand-held, portable battery-operated case is about the size of a small remote control, and uses 4 AA batteries (not included). Included is a custom display base to set your Amazing String Thing on a table-top.

 This base also includes a built-in AC adaptor jack (adaptor not included) to power the unit from any outlet.

The String Thing is oddly addictive to play with, and you have to see it in action in person.  Kids love it, and pets play for hours with this thing!

This light responsive string which floats, crawls, curls, and even walks! You can operate the Amazing String Thing while inside the custom base (directly on any table top), or simply take the hand-held wand wherever you go!

Go to HouseOfRave to find out more and purchase the String Thing!


The amazing spinning light show that fits in your pocket! This is much more portable, easy to carry and discreet than larger versions:
Mini Light Wand

The globe stands 4” tall and comes with a break-away necklace for safekeeping around your neck.
Mini Light Spinner

Requires 3 x AG13 batteries (included). Comes with break-away necklace for safekeeping around your neck.
Light Spinning

Checkout the Mini Light Wand Spinner at HouseOfRave!


This is one of our best selling products and one of our coolest play or costume accessories also:

The Light Saber Staff:
Light Saber Instructions

This is the kind of thing you see in Star Wars, except they don’t really cut people in half!  Use the two sides individually or use them together as a staff.  They’re very easy to attach and detach. 

Light Saber

You can also see more pictures and even view a video at the Light Saber Staff page!


One button starts the whole light show!  This Tunnel Light Wand has a very unique tunnel effect you just have to see.  It’s also SUPER BRIGHT!! This thing will nearly light up a room!

Tunnel Light Wand

When they wand isn’t on it looks like a mirror.  When you turn it on it turns into a spinning vortex of LED lighting:

It’s in a constant effect mode that changes the lights and patterns, creating a very meserizing effect:


We already did a short post about this, but we’ve got to put another with our new photoshoot of the Double Sided Spin Show.  This thing has two spinning heads that each create lightshows as they spin.

Double Sided Spin Show

Checkout some more pictures of this really cool product:

Two Headed Spin Show

This thing is ready to go right out of the box, batteries installed and everything.  Simply press one button and the lightshow comes to life, mesmerizing everyone.  We can barely put this thing down it’s so fun to watch!

Checkout more pictures and even a video on the website HERE.


The Two Headed Light Show is definitely a great crowd pleaser.  Just grab the handle in the middle and watch the lightshow start in your hands!

Just grab it and enjoy the show! It’s so portable you can take it anywhere – parties, concerts, amusement parks – anywhere you want to dazzle your friends! Even the batteries are included so you can enjoy your Light Show right now!

Two headed light show stick

Find out more about the Two Headed Light Show Here!


We’ve got these new poi swings at HouseOfRave which are selling very well.  Unlike our LED Poi Swings these don’t light up, but they are great for daytime outdoor use where they look (and sound great!)


Make sure to checkout there Poi’s at HouseOfRave:  HERE


Here’s one for the lazy raver, all you gotta do is press a button and the lightshow creates itself!

Lightshow Stick

We like this item because it’s very portable and can be used in a lot of other situations other than just raves or parties.  We get large orders for the Lightshow Stick for surprise birthday parties, sporting events and many other attention-getting occassions.

Spining LED Stick

You can either let it spin by itself or wave it around while it’s spinning, both create a spectacular effect!

Find out more on the LIGHTSHOW SPIN STICK PAGE.


A really popular section of ours for people attending night time parties or looking for some good light-up fun is the Rave Wands & Spinners section.

This section is the one that has a lot of popular products like our L.E.D. Poi Swings and LED Light Saber.

It got to a point where we had a lot of things that spun, so we decided to give them their own section.

Make sure to check the Wands and Spinners page here!


By far the absolute hottest seller of the 2008 year has been our L.E.D. Poi Swings:

LED Poi Swings

It’s not difficult to see why these have been such an amazing seller, they are just a really cool product all around.  Each set comes with two swings (one for each hand) and each one can be independently controlled to swirl through colors, stay on one solid color, or use the color-streak mode which quickly cycles through colors leaving a streak of light in its path.

Glowing Poi Swings

Our favorite mode which gets the most attention is the color streak mode.  It quickly cycles through a pattern of red, green and blue which gives the effect of a constantly changing ball as it flies through the air.  When held still, the ball looks like a white color, but when moving you see the colors shine through.  A truly amazing sight to see!

Poi Swings

You can find more information and see more pictures of the Poi Swingers at HouseOfRave on the LED POI SWINGS PAGE.


This is the newest addition to our always popular Light Spinners section:  The Nova Spin Wand:

Nova Spin Wand

Simply press one button and the LED base begins to spin and light up in different patterns and colors, moving through several different color changes for a cool lightshow effect. 

Nova Light Show

When viewed from different angles you get different effect.  People use these at clubs or raves to dance with, spin around or just create cool lightshows.  These also are a great prop for time-lapse photography as they make really crazy effects on the camera!

Find out more at the Nova Spin Wand Page.


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